Week In Review – 12 Feb 2017

Reality proves more complex than concepts.

In focus this week are two of such realities: social media and dirty data.  They are byproducts of the internet disruption,  Addressing them requires equal sense of urgency to our environmental conservation efforts.  Because we are talking about the social environment which multiplies as the technology continues to leap forward.

Related to the social environment are the aftermaths of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Portion of the American public seems to have become more acrimonious and less tolerant. Wonder if this is a transient phenomenon and if these are the kinds of change that the voters had imagined.

Personally, whenever I am over-disrupted or not seeing clearly, I turn to yoga as my feel-good way to re-center myself. It brings the mind and the body together.  Works beautifully every time. Need to recharge before the battery runs out.  What is your pick-me-upper strategy?

Have a great week.

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