Life Management 101

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Smooth sailing may seem an ideal lifestyle – no worries, no headaches, no fear.  How sweet!  Good to have such target to work towards.  But in reality, life’s uncertainties guarantee there will be ups and downs.  Some even come in cycles and beyond our control.

For examples, eating right, exercising regularly, and sleeping well are golden rules for healthy living.  They put deposits in the positive (up) column and spring in our steps. But weather storm, passing of the loved ones, and power outage are examples of withdraws that stack in the negative (down) column of life.

The uncertainties are what make life so precious. They offer risks as well as rewards that each of us gets as the prices we pay for living.  To get to the outcome we want,  it stands to reason that we should endeavor to minimize risks and maximize rewards.  So the net balance becomes what we desired, like the smooth sailing.

What other examples of deposits can you think of?

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