On Relationship

Relationship is the most common human experience, and yet it is the hardest and most challenging task to perfect.

We are born into relationship right from the beginning.  And everyday since, we come into contact with it.  To the extend of who we are and how we think are affected by our relationships.  Shouldn’t we all be experts on human relationships?

Not quite. And the common excuse is that people are complicated.  Then, let’s rephrase the question: how is your relationship with yourself?  Since no one else would know us better, right?

One rule of thumb I find useful is that relationship should be balanced.  By “balanced” I don’t mean equal but reciprocating, give-and-take like.  The interactions should, over the long run, leave you emotionally recharged or fulfilled.

If on the other hand, the relationship feels draining or burdensome, chances are imbalance is the culprit. And one-sided relationship, not to be confused with temporary imbalance like between a parent and child, will not last.

How do you judge your relationship? 

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2 Responses to On Relationship

  1. alalyak says:

    I agree 100%! Imbalance definitely seems to be the issue in most unhappy relationships. Symbiosis is the key!


    • terryshen says:

      My apology, Kayla,for the delayed response. I like the term you used “symbiosis.” Indeed it would be the model for close relationships. Thank you for your comment.


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