Personal Branding?

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Ever since Tom Peters introduced the term in 1997, personal branding has become so pervasive in our everyday life.  Whether online or in-person, one seems can’t be without a personal brand. Be it in the forms of a resume, profile, gravatar, etc.

Call me a dinosaur, I do not or refuse to have a personal brand.  I believe that Know thyself is an aphorism few attains, and personal branding is a cheap substitute. Corporations do brand because they want to sell product or service (and ultimately make money).

As individuals, we are better than a brand.  Our talents and skills serve a need and earn ourselves a living.  Fair and square.  Personal brand is a label.  If someone else wants to label me, suit themselves.  But I am not going to constrain myself.

I am not a piece of meat for sale.

Do you believe in personal branding?



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