Shorter Attention Span?

Learned a new phrase today –  tl,dr.  An internet vernacular for too long; did not read.

Maybe you already know the term.  But for me it was a bit annoying.   Being not familiar with this term, I had to look it up.  But like so many things, once I understood it, the term rings true with my own experiences.

Now-a-day, with so much information available online, if an article does not grab me within the first few seconds or even a fraction of, boom.  It becomes tl.dr. And I am onto something else.

Is it possible that my attention span is getting shorter? Too many competing pieces trying to hook my attention?  Or maybe both?

You see, like the Pavlov’s dogs, I get conditioned to skim through the headlines, news-feeds, captions, etc.  Oftentimes the faster I read, the less information I get. Is it really nothing interesting or is my “tl,dr.” making nothing interesting?

So sad.

What attention grabber works for you?

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