True Colors of Emotions

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Few people complains about emotions which are positive.  The ones you get on your promotion, wedding, birth of your child, etc.  It is the flip side, the so called negative emotions or emotional pains that nobody wants to deal with.

Truth is that for human beings, both sides of the emotions are inevitable.  That is what makes us unique and our life interesting and colorful.  The spectrum of our emotional palette are natural feelings that we learned to accept.

More or less.

As Dr. Guy Winch mentioned, emotional pains are much more difficult to deal with and many of us are ill equipped to address them.  Maybe it’s our aversion to pains or cultural norm to not dwell in them.  Whatever the reasons, our quality of life suffers.

Rather, it is best to embrace our emotions in their full blossoms.  Positives as well as negatives.  So our lives can be the masterpiece we desired.

In addition to meditation, how would you address the emotional pains?

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2 Responses to True Colors of Emotions

  1. alalyak says:

    Journaling. Personification. Speaking to someone trustworthy and non-judgmental. Those are just a few! Great post!


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