Why Aspire Marathon Again?

I have signed up for the 2017 Aspire Harrisburg marathon.  This marathon is where I injured my foot last year and did not finish for the first time.  This year, the marathon will be 12 Nov 2017 and my second attempt to complete the race.

While the marathon is still 8 months away, my signing up seems early.  But the decision to run is important to me in several ways:  Not only, it commits me to set  a goal for my 20 week marathon training, but also, it will be my redemption for the injury of last year.

Injury notwithstanding, running a marathon causes damages o tone’s body.  In fact, in the original ritual, where the messenger ran from Marathon, Greece to Athens to report the victory of the battle against the Persians, he died.  Yes, he did, but I think he also fought in that battle as well.

I have a different goal for running marathons.  Mine is actually for my health.  You see, with proper training, the damage to the body can be minimized.  Anyone can be conditioned to run a marathon and recover safely.  The operative word is “proper” training.

Last year, I trained (and attempted the marathon) in a pair of minimal shoes (4 mm sole). Portion of the marathon course proved too rough for these minimal shoes.  I have since switched to a thicker pair (10 mm) designed for trail.  I will be sure to test them out before the race this time.

So with the overall pros outweigh the cons, here I go again.

26 June 2017 – first day of marathon training

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