On Fear

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Fear is common that anyone beyond child innocence can relate to it.  However, fear’s grip is debilitating – whether worrying, nervousness, or something more personal that can sabotage our lives with impunity.  Even just the thought of it could knock us off our tracks.

How can we deal with our fears?

Eckhart Tolle, the author of the Power of Now fame, suggests a way to put the fear back in its box. He categorizes fear as a psychological projection.  Something that might happen, but not now. It is a creation out of our imagination.

Tolle’s point is instructive.  In that, from the point view of here and now, fear does not exist.  Or rather, if we focus on the present, fear has no place and can not survive. Future has its place that we can deal without being hijack by our emotions.

This concept works for me and helps me to be more in touch with my inner self.  If nothing else, I am more calm when fear thought arises. And with practice, I hope to be free of my fears.

What fear(s) do you face?  

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