Companies We Choose

Here is the thought:  The earth may be a lonely planet, but we don’t have to fly solo through it.

In truth, human beings are better off with one another than without.  Studies have shown that married people tend to live longer.  Marriage notwithstanding, who we choose to be in our companies affects the quality of our life.

Given our make-up are in part our family background, the chances in life for simply being at the right the right time, and how we invest our time, the choice is clear.

Since we can neither choose our family (thanks to mom & dad) nor choose our fate (thanks to the all mighty), the only part we have control over is how we spent our time.

So who do you want to hang out with?  Who you rather have as friends? Coworkers? Or even life partner?  The choice is totally up to you.

Choose wisely. It may affect your health and your life.

What is the most important in your relationship?  

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