Postcard From Santorini



Oia, Santorini Greece

Santorini Greece is one of the Greek isles in the Aegean Sea that is popular with vacationers & tourists from the world over. And for me, this is my first visit to the island.

The island’s volcanic history makes it unique.  The center of this circular island sunk into the sea by a giant volcanic explosion 3000+ years ago.  What remained is a caldera, an active volcano and a spectacular tourist attraction (the volcanic cliff reminded me of the Grand Canyon on a smaller scale).

Pictured above is the town of Oia on the northern part of the Santorini. With boutique hotels, restaurants, and shops nestled along the cliffs, Oia is considered the most picturesque spot in Greece by some. Although the food was decent at the restaurant, I gladly pay it to get the view.

Where would you go for vacation?


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5 Responses to Postcard From Santorini

  1. Beautiful! The hubby and are contemplating between South Korea and Greece. We are leaning towards Greece… 🙂 any recommended running paths?


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