Styling From The Inside, Part 2

Picking up from where the last blog left off, here are some suggestions on how to go about styling from the inside:  Start with alignment – aligning our values, beliefs, and behaviors.

If we value ethics, for instance, working hard will be our beliefs, and being professional will be our behavior.  With alignment comes consistent and trustworthiness.

On the other hand, without the alignment, we can pretend to be professional, we may even fool ourselves thinking that acting professionally will get us the promotion. But in the long run without the core value and the belief, our act will not last.

The same process applies when we want to change the outcome.  If losing weight is the desired result, styling from the inside would first value health and believe in no shortcuts (e.g. fad diet or miracle drug), then followed by eating healthy & exercising.

A good practice to enable the process is investing efforts in clarifying our values. What is important? Should we work more to make money or spend time with our loved ones? Is the gym membership for our health or our ego? Etc.

What suggestions do you have for styling from the inside?

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