When Is Enough, Enough?

When is President Trump’s behaviors unbecoming of a president?

To understand Trump, McKay Coppins of the Atlantic gave a version that interprets the president’s erratic behaviors in terms of his insecurities dated back to his upbringing. Coppin maintains that Trump harbors this anxiety of “not being good enough” even after moving into the White House.

If true, we have a problem, Houston.  Qualification for the job of president, besides winning the election, requires the abilities to govern, to lead, and to obey the laws.

To govern – Trump has zero experience in government prior to entering the White House.  Even though many like the analogy of running a business to governing a country, it is different. The span of responsibilities and authorities of a president has no counterpart in the C-suites.

To lead – Trump only frustrates the people that he is supposed to lead,  The Intelligence community, the Judicial benches, the White House staff,  etc.  There are more leaks from his administration than a sieve.  Unlike the Apprentice Show, leadership does not come from firing people.  Trump needs to set a good example by first not tweeting.

To obey the laws – Trump does not care about the laws. His conflict of interests by holding on his business interests while in the White House creates dilemma for many if not him persoanlly.  His staffs showcased their inability to obey the laws:  Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, Counselor Kellyanne Conway, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, just to name a few.

When do you think enough is enough?

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