Is Life Fair?

In life, there will be times of failure, and times of regret.  Times of frustration, and times of worry.  Moments of insecurity and inadequacy plague even the most confident among us.  We will all experience some level of self-doubt and self-criticism, and this is what makes the practice of self-compassion so vitally important. Source: The Seeds For Life.

Without people there won’t be life as we know it.  People create meanings. They give us hope, despair, love, hate, innovation, and unpredictability.  Speaking of the people, we are amazing creatures.  Each one of us holds incredible possibilities at birth.  What we do with this potential is up to us.

As noted from the Seeds For Life, life can be a tough passage.  It tests us, challenges us to develop our strength and fortitude.  We will fall along the way.  But it is not the fall but how we get back up provides the lessons.  It is as certain as the noses on our faces.

The good news is that science has proven that we are not locked and scripted from birth. We can re-program our brains through our actions and alter our environment and destiny.  History is filled with examples of accomplishment overcoming adversity.  That is how our human history are made.

So, may be life is fair after all.  It is what we make of it.

Is life getting you down, seeming all uphills, or sabotaging you? Remember you are not alone. Rub your nose if you must but consider giving yourself a break.

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