Unbounded Passion

Our days are numbered, but our dreams aren’t.  As long as there is a breath remaining, we can and should dream to our heart’s contend.  Why bother, you ask?

Because our dream will fuel our passion. It behooves us to leverage it as a power source to take us as far as we can go in life.

Plus, our capacity to dream is limited only by our imagination.  Why not reach for the sky? Go ahead, dream BIG.  Bigger the better – whatever makes the heart sings. Maximize the energy charge.

Sounds idealistic?  Nay, in real life, the gravity of setbacks, disappointments, or rejections will be there pulling us down each and every time.  Who couldn’t use a lift? Every little bit helps.   Can’t hurt.

One more thing: don’t worry about if your dream is realistic.  What matters is if it motivates. Others can laugh, ridicule, or criticize all they want.  But it is you who gets the last laugh. Because you are the one possessing the unbounded passion.

What keeps you going?

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