Tracking Trump – First 50 Days

In this Big Data world, metrics galore seems to be the norm.  But when it comes to how the new President of the United States is doing, the metrics are better focused.

In his first 50 days in the White House, President Trump performed on par with his predecessors (i.e. Obama,  W.Bush, Clinton, H.W. bush, Reagan), according to a CQ Roll Call report.

The metrics included in the Roll Call report – laws enacted, executive orders & memoranda signed, and civilian nominees confirmed – are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bounded).

As for his campaign promises, President Trump has proclaimed that he will “Make America Great Again.”  How is he doing comparing to his own words?

His “Contract with the American Voter” has 60 promises that the President put his signature to it.   Thus far, President Trump has kept 6 promises, broke 1, initiated 9, and with 44 yet to be rated (source: Washington Post).

Based on the above, I would grade President Trump’s performance-to-date a “B.”


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