Five Days More Till Spring

In the Disney’s animated musical, Frozen, Elsa happily sings the lyrics of the popular song Let It Go – the cold never bother me anyway!   Such a cheery tune that uplifts and warms any souls, young and old.

Unfortunately, it is a different story in reality.  The wind does howl outside (with a gust of 35 miles per hour).  Garbage cans tumble like the bowling pins, and trashes scatter and then get swept away by the wind. Like a deserted western town with tumble weeds rolling down the empty main road.

The cold may not bother folks like Elsa. But for me, I have had enough of this frigid temperature.  Frozen in situ, I find no place to go, nothing to do, and my life in suspended animation.  All I can manage is enduring and praying for the spring.

Sure, there are things that I can distract myself with.  But the truth is that each year, the winter is getting colder, longer, and me getting older.  The winter coldness and I have grown apart. Gone are my skis, boots, poles (keeping the gloves so I wear them to shovel snow).

For those holding their breath like me, there is hope – spring arrives on March 20.

How is the winter treating you? Are you still fond of it?

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