Upkeep Anyone?

Picture this – you jump into the car but it won’t start?  The gas tank is empty.  Or, switch the car scenario with others like cell phone, running marathon, or whatever.  The idea is the same – can’t run on empty.

From the Aesop’s Fables of the goose laying the golden eggs, if one wants more golden eggs, better take care the goose.  In other words, while we all want to enjoy the end outcome, can’t get there without investing in the means.  No if or buts!

Without maintenance, the gas will run out, tires will become flat, and goose will die. Of course that nothing lasts forever.  But proper maintenance will make them last longer.  By the way, maintenance also means upkeep, renewal, investing, and similar.

While it’s intuitive that battery needs to be re-/charged for the mobile phone to work, less popular are the the daily life items that require the same upkeep. Items like our health, relationship, and practice are often forsaken for the quick fixes.

Who has time for watering the plants? mowing the lawn? cooking the meals? The answer is you do if you want them as your outcomes.  Part of the maintenance and upkeep of feeding the goose.

What are your renewal or upkeep strategies?

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3 Responses to Upkeep Anyone?

  1. kayla says:

    Depends on what it is! If it’s me, quiet time, meditation, being outside, painting, listening to music. If it’s relationships, spending quality time, being curious about them and how they are, showing love in the way they personally receive it (love languages). If it’s career, reading books, watching videos, blogging, spending time on my professional pages, getting clear about what the next goals are and what my action steps will be. If it’s simple living, cleaning the mess as it’s made, cooking quality meals, staying organized and clutter free.


    • terryshen says:

      Lots of good upkeep strategies there, Kayla. Way to go on taking care of the “goose” on many fronts. For sure, you enjoy many returns from these wise investments. I particularly like your simple living examples, clearing up the clutters and quality food. You are a woman after my own heart.

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      • kayla says:

        Lol! Thanks, Terry! Yes, I find when my space is cluttered, so is my energy. The simple act of cleaning space is also cleaning space within my being! 🙂


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