The Plot Thickens . . .

James Comey, the FBI Director, announced on Monday the Bureau’s investigation into “any links between any individuals associated with Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia’s efforts.”

Comey as you may recall torpedo’d Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign last year with investigations into her private email scandals. It not only drew scrutiny over Clinton’s conducts while serving as the Secretary of State but also her ethical character. Now the cross-hair is trained on President Trump.

This early (two month) administration has been mired in accusations and counter strikes. At center of the controversies is none other than President Trump himself.  He fuels the innuendos by tweeting baseless claims or threats to whomever he perceives as damaging to him.

The hero, the villain, and the support cast? Stay tune as the plot thickens. It bounds to get more interesting as the story unfolds.  Real life drama in Washington.

How independent can the FBI be in its investigation? Do you think it’s wasting taxpayer’s money or serving justice?

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