Pleasures In Ordinary Life

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Just the other day was my wife’s birthday.  We went eating out, watched a movie, and was going to go bowling afterwards but decided against our overindulgence.

Watching movie, going bowling, eating out are all common events in ordinary life. Nothing particularly special, really. But for us, the pleasure comes from our sharing time together, developing common experiences, and rediscovering each other.

These ordinary life events used to occur with greater frequency before we had children. Things were put on hold while we took care of our kids.  Life was a bit hectic between working and raising children.  Weekends were the respites before the cycle repeated on Mondays.

Now kids are grown, we have retired.  Once again we are rediscovering the pleasures in these ordinary life events.  It is like the old days except with a bit moderation.

Where do you find pleasures in the ordinary life?


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