The Blame Game


You might have heard by now that the American Health Care Act, President Trump’s signature promise to repeal the Obamacare, is dead.  The Republican Party did not have enough votes to ensure its passage, so the bill was pulled from a scheduled vote yesterday.

Yes, this is a embarrassing defeat for the President, the Republican Party, etc.  But instead of reflecting on what was the cause for the defeat, the president blamed the Democrats for the bill’s failure. “They [Democrats] weren’t going to give us a single vote,” the president complained.

Blaming the Democrats sounds as ludicrous as a five year old would have said.  If the president did not reach out to the Democrats, why would they give him any votes? And for sure, any chance for the two parties working together to fix the Obamacare is shot.

Politics, the art of the possible, requires compromises.  May be the Republican Party holding majorities in the House and the Senate feel no need to compromise. The reality speaks differently.  Perhaps they will see the error in their ways for the sake of the country.

Where is a leader when you needed one?

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