Surviving The Trump Presidency

Trump’s administration reaches its 70 day mark this week.  While I am still holding out hope for an upturn in this president’s performance, the trend thus far does not look good.

Leadership starts at the top.  But Trump’s style of tearing people down creates a toxic atmosphere for his administration as well as the rest of the country.  Anyone not agreeing with the president’s agenda is an enemy.  Thus far it has included the media, Democrats, and his own Party members, the Freedom Caucus.

Instead of unifying and leading the country through The Art of The Deal, Trump is simply pursuing his own interests at any costs. And doing so miserably – his travel ban and repeal of the Affordable Care Act are epic examples of failures in politics, and dare I say in governing.

But American voters have elected Trump who is inexperience in politics but promises to drain the swamp in Washington.  After 10 weeks in the White House, it appears the the swamp is draining the president. Not saying it’s a case of buyer’s remorse, only the social experiment is still unfurling.

If there is a silver lining in the midst of all these, it’s the American system of government. Which is designed to serve as a safety net of check and balances that mitigates the risks of unfortunate event of individual incompetency. Thanks to the Founding Fathers.

How would you assess the Trump presidency?

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