DIY Investments In You

When it comes to investing in ourselves, the classical three of training, education, and health are the accepted standards.  Trouble is doing these big three appears formidable and requires discipline.  Just the word “discipline” conjures up negative images of pain, rule, and compulsion.

But it does not have to be so.  There exist less formal, more compassionate, and easier do-it -yourself options that deserve a try.

What are these options, you ask?  In a nutshell, you can find small enjoyable things  in your daily life that will make you feel good about yourself in a tangible way. They are easy to implement and fun to do. Think of it as investing in yourself incrementally.

For example, if that morning coffee gets your going, going to the movies helps you extending your dreams, or enjoying the piece of cake reminds you of the sweet episodes in life, go for it. Why not? Nothing major nor negative.

Moreover, doing these enjoyable things not only makes you feel good, they motivate and help you discovering your passion and inner values. They are complementary, encouraging, and manageable disciplines that will bring you success.

How do you invest in yourself?

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