Week In Review – 2 Apr 2017

Weather has become warmer in Washington DC as March crossed into April this week.  At the same time the heat on President Trump’s young administration (70+days) is going up as well.   This news magnet has attracted much energy across the country.

This is  both good and bad. Good that attention are now drawn to our government, its systems and processes.  It elevates citizen engagement beyond the election cycles.   Bad that people react very differently depending on their perspectives.

Either way, beware of the sensationalism.  True democracy relies on civic participation that is more than emotional appeals.  Do not be deceived that many “quick judgement” in Washington.  They are no accidents but part of political calculations.

Clearly, I am no better than average when it comes to politics.  Therefore I seek alternatives  for recreation or emotional release.  Try to take the path of your heart. Because political transition will come to pass, albeit dramatic at times.

Have a great week.

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