Living Careless In Big Data World

Just the other day, thanks to big data, I encountered a scare.

You see, I decided to dinner out.  Nothing extraordinary.  I looked up a restaurant online, used my mobile phone to guide me there, and enjoyed my meal.  All routine stuffs.

Life was good until later that night when a survey pop’d-up on my mobile phone.  Some third party solicited my review of the restaurant where I had dinner.  Talking about a surprise.  Was I being followed?

The culprit, I later figured out, was the global position system on my mobile phone.  It tracked my where about (at the restaurant) and the duration I was there. The big data world figured out I must had dinner there.

What a weird feeling!

I used to get paranoid about someone in the cyberspace reading my email.  Let alone, someone tracking me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still worry about my online privacy.  But the proliferation of digital devices now-a-day have me resigned to the reality of trading my personal data (whenever I agreed to the terms of service) for convenience.

How concerned (or not) are you about your online privacy?


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