Living Takes Risks

As I ran through the woods this morning, two news from the week played out in my head. One was about a woman falling off a bridge while taking a selfie, and the other being a mom  of 3 who upon completing her half marathon collapsed and died.

Both persons were doing things that they wanted. BUT the outcomes,  with a twist of  fate, were totally unexpected.  Who would have thought that tragedies from taking a selfie and running an half marathon?  I had done both without the slightest worry.

Curious as it seemed, asking why or how the tragedies occurred is futile.  Sometime there are no answers.  No rhythm or reasons, except accident happens.  Doesn’t matter how much we try, there are factors beyond our control.

Living is not without risk.  I could, for instance, trip and hurt myself in the woods. The unexpected could strike today, tomorrow, or who knows when.   Get all the necessary insurances, but none would have prevented the tragedies this week.

One thing is certain – seize the moment to live courageously, because living takes risks.

Do you believe in fate? What else would you suggest?

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