“Carry Your Own Weather”

Even if you are not a teenager, Dr. Stephen Covey’s point about being proactive is just as applicable.

As a runner, I get affected by the weather. Before going for a run, I check how cold/ warm is the temperature outside, if the wind is blowing, and whether the UV (ultraviolet) radiation is high.  All these affect my running if let slipped.

Therefore, my preparations of wearing windbreaker, applying suntan lotion, or bringing water bottle for a run is the Covey’s point of being proactive or what he called, carry your own weather.  Yes, wouldn’t that be wonderful if you can carry your own weather?

If so, how to do it? How to create your own weather and carry it inside with you?

Focusing on what you can influence. Can’t control the rain but you can bring an umbrella; can’t stop others’ behavior but you can choose how you react (think road rage); can’t solve world hunger but you can donate to food shelter.   Your circle of influence is what within your control.

Being aware of what is possible. Not knowing your limitations or opportunities leads to overextending or under-estimating of self.  It is just not realistic.  For instance, I can’t run a marathon under 3 hours even if I try. Therefore I set goals that are within my reach (i.e. baby steps) and keep myself motivated.

Practice, practice, practice. Carry your own weather is a habit like all other habits that gets easier with practice. Shifting from the “victim” to proactive mentality may not happen right away. But with practice, instead of “why does this happen to me?” to “what can I do about it?” will become instinctual.

Think you too can carry your own weather? Other suggestions?

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