Talking Tough Is No Strategy

If you are waiting for the other shoe to drop from President Trump’s ordered bombing of Syria a week ago for its illegal chemical attack, don’t hold your breath.  There is none.

The pattern is blatantly clear: President Trump says to Russia – Pick Assad or us, to China – Take care of North Korea or we will,  But there is no strategy behind the tough talk. They are just empty threats.

In a way, American should have known this is what we get.  Candidate Trump never offered any substances during his presidential campaign.  He talked negatively about other candidates during the debates but never offered any real policy of his administration.

Now President Trump is still talking tough, which he gets the credit for being consistent. But with nothing to back up, these tough talks make him, and by extension the United States, not credible.  Worse yet, it is dangerous, like playing with fire.

While hope is not a strategy either, I hope I am wrong about this president and that he is more than just tough talks.  Your thoughts?


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