Robbing Me Blind

Many of the daily contacts I get, phone or email, are sales oriented (I know I am not alone).  They are usually disguised as surveys, donations, or some other fronts to hook me.  Bottom-line is the same – they want me to shell out money or personal data (which are sold for money).

Typically, I provide zero response to these types of contacts. I don’t answer calls that are not on my contact list nor reply to spam.  But soon, if not already happening, companies will not need my permission.  They can get my personal data directly from social media, “free” app or wifi’s I use, or my internet service provider.

I generate my fair share of online data everyday (this blog included).  I do so with intention and by choice – my choice.  Unfortunately, I am afraid that I can’t be online without someone monetizes my personal data.  What a scam!

Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t resent businesses from making money off me as long as I am using their products or services.  I just like to have a better say in my choices other than being “forced” into reading the impossible fine print.

What would you do to “even” your right to privacy online?

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