Week In Review – 16 Apr 2017

No question this week’s big news is the United Airline’s handling of its passenger.  And the fallout from the incident include the United Airline stock price dropped, the Company CEO’s revised apology, and the payback of a lawsuit in the work.

Equally disturbing and yet less reported is the decades of police using excessive force on the blacks. Why less reported? One word – racism.  This systemic issue has cultural as well as political implications.  In that the police are generalized as hero by the media and backed by the unions.

On the international fronts, we are not doing too well either.  President Trump’s tough talks are fallen on deaf ears.  Not only that is not working, the “tough talk” could backfire on us.  Leadership comes from the hearts and mind of people.  Not by bullying them.

So in practicing Stephen Covey’s “carry your own weather,” I looked to the world’s coolest, the north pole marathon for inspirations.  Some may think it is lunatic to participate in events like this, but it’s the human spirit like this that uplifts me and allow me to carry my own weather in spite of the daily churns.

Have a great

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