Reblog: “The Real Cost Of Your Shopping Habits”

If you impulsive shop or lets say if you can’t find room in the house to store the goods, Emma Johnson is got a message for you – “shop less.”

Her message may be hard to swallow for those practicing retail therapy, but the the true cost of impulsive shopping is staggering as Johnson pointed out in her article.

Editorial note: Johnson used the term “chic” in her article which is surprising and less than professional, please don’t let that detracts you from her main point.

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The road to bankruptcy is paved with good deals. The answer to spending less is not coupons or blow-out sales. Shop less. That’s it. Yes, it is wise to negotiate the price of things. Take advantage of coupons and deep discounts when they makes sense. But if you want to save money and improve your finances, […]

Source: The Real Cost of Your Shopping Habits

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