Another March In Washington?

In case you haven’t heard another march will take place tomorrow (22 April, Earth Day) here on the National Mall and in cities across the globe – the March for Science.  And it will be live streamed on Vox.

Yes, this will be on the heel of the Tax March that took place last weekend, and numerous marches before that like the Women’s Marches, A Day Without Immigrants, Airport Marches against the travel ban, etc. since President Trump took the office.

While it is not unusual for American to protest against their presidents, the breath and frequency against this president are of historical proportion and the fervor continues.  Is it because we are a country divided? President Trump’s eccentric approach to his job? Or something completely different?

Easy to chalk all these marches to democracy.  After all we are the United States of America, and freedom of speech is our constitutional right.  So one can say these protests provide catharses for our nation’s collective conscious.

I am not sure that is the answer.

Where do you see America headed and why?

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1 Response to Another March In Washington?

  1. 50in50marathonquest says:

    Really not sure…in Seattle it seems there are marches on a weekly basis – to the point, that I’ve totally lost interest having dated to the days of the Obama presidency and earlier. I agree and fear that the country is very divided and it has been so for several years. As far as I can tell, this administration is neither making things better or worse and it is impossible to say if it would had been any different had Clinton won. An indictment of modern american politics, imo.


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