Week In Review – 23 Apr 2017

We human continue to push the limit. Faster, higher, stronger, etc.

The effort to break the two hour marathon by Nike follows this pattern.  Progress comes from persistence and discipline (funding also helps).  This is a hallmark for science, in pursuit of knowledge.

The Science March this weekend in Washington, and around the world, speaks to the passion and credibility of science and the lunacy of disregarding scientific evidences in policy making.

At risk of confusing fiction from fact, politicians have different motivations, namely money and constituency, than scientists. The political debate on climate change is a case in point.  And the budget cut to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is another.

Nevertheless, politicians, once elected, have a responsibility to their voters.  The public trust bestowed on them expects faithful execution of  their duties.  Even when greed are insatiable, lying to the public is unethical and ground for dismissal.

Have a great week.

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