Such Is Life’s Progression

Knowledge, especially book knowledge, is kinda basic.  Meaning it gives the pre-requisite step to whatever needs to be accomplished. Knowledge by itself is not achievement. For example, knowledge from medical school to becoming a doctor does not guaranty one can actually cure anybody.

Knowledge has to be applied in specific subject/ task to be useful or to become a skill. That is why medical students had to intern in hospitals to develop their skills.  Be it in cardiology, brain surgery, pediatric, etc.  But unlike knowledge, skills are on a moving scale and can be improved.  More practice leads to better skill.

Progressing along this evolution cycle from knowledge to skill, the next step is accomplishment.  Which is the actual result or outcome. Following the medical example, accomplishment would be lives saved, operations performed, years in practice, etc.

Without knowledge, there is no skill, only random acts.  Without skills there is no accomplishment, only lucks.  Simple logic as they may seem, weird to see how ignorant people, through random acts, can get lucky.  Case in point, lottery winners.

Know other examples that defy the evolution cycle?

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