Trump Is Winning After 100 Days

Yes indeed.

Despite what the polls say and media report, President Trump is winning 100 days after taking over the White House.  And by winning I mean profits to the Trump Inc.  Lets face it – Trump is a businessman through and through. He certainly understands profits and lost.

Recall that during his campaign, America First was Mr. Trump’s message.  After the election, the America First really means Trump First. President Trump did not give up control over his businesses.  On the contrary he, as the president, made sure his businesses stand to gain.

Case in point, Mar-a-Largo, a resort in Florida that Trump owns and visits, costs the taxpayers 25 million dollars, thus far.  That is 7 weekends out of the 15 while Trump as president.  Not to mention, hosting official parties for the foreign dignitaries at the resort including the Chinese President Xi, Japanese Prime Minister Abe, among others.

Further, Trump’s family also benefits from their special status.  Not only Trump’s daughter and son-in-law have been appointed to the White House staff, the First Daughter Ivanka has got three trademarks approved for her company in China the day when she met Xi  at the Mar-a-Largo.

“Giving it monopoly rights to sell Ivanka brand jewelry, bags and spa services in the world’s second-largest economy.” ~ the Boston Globe

While too early to tell how the U.S. economy will fare under current administration, rest assured that the Trump Inc. is doing rather well.

Do you see anything wrong with mixing business and pleasure?

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