Trump & Alternative?

Waking up to the reality that today has been 100 days since Trump moved into the White House and yet another protest march (on Climate) downtown.

Whether you cheer or jeer Trump, one thing is certain.  Trump is different. As obvious as the nose on our faces, these 100 days are the results of change American voters cast in the November election.

Not suggesting just rollover and swallow that fateful choice, resisting Trump in whatever forms is not a strategy.  It’s a reaction to Trump and a catharsis that makes people feel good, but leads to no real impact.

Sure, Trump has a knack of galvanizing his oppositions.  But we have know this from his campaigning.  For any opposition to gain traction, it must be more than opposing Trump for opposition sake.

What vision and strategy does the oppositions offer? Is it a sustainable alternative? Before 2020?

Do you agree that resistance is futile without a focus?

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