How To Tell Your Life Story?

Whether you are a story teller or not, when it comes to the question of “tell me about yourself,” it is one story that you can’t miss.  Who else would be in a better position to talk about your own story?

But as many of you have experienced, this question is not as simple as it seems. Manifested in real world interviews, applications, or other conversations, this question can trip people up if unprepared.  Therefore, articulating the story, besides its delivery (which is important), requires it be organized, logical, and engaging.

Organized – your story evolves around your life, or part of your life that is suited for the circumstance.  Getting organized means first layout a timeline of  your life or lifeline as some would call it.  The lifeline captures your major events and milestones from birth to now. Next, select the relevant pieces to tailor to the situation at hand.  Operative word is “relevant.” Which will be easier after you had constructed your lifeline in writing.

Logical – the relevant events from your lifeline need to fit together to support your story.  They create the flow. No gaps, disconnects, or contradictions that raise concerns. Everything fits smoothly.  If you do have course correction or re-direction along the way, that is okay.  Life is not perfect.  Key is to make sure there are sound explanations for them.

Engaging –  putting it all together.  To “sell” your story, you need to engage your audience.  Easy to say, but it is another to come across convincingly.  How to make it convincing?  Work backward by putting yourself in your listeners’ shoes. What are their interests? values? and  end goals?  Fit your story pieces to match your audiences’ needs.

With these elements covered in your story along with practices (lots of them), you will become the best story teller of YOU in any situations.

Have other tips or suggestions on telling your story?

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