You Win Some, You Lose Some

Today I lost my debit card.  Odd thing was how it happened – within 15 minutes between the bank and the store.  Talking about being absent minded.  What was I thinking in that short span of time? “Oh how I was going to use this card!”

Needless to say, I spent way more time afterwards, back tracking from the store to the bank (where I had the card) and back to the store again.  I looked all the spots where my mind was playing the rewinds on possible places I could have “dropped” my card.

Imagine my frustration. I was the antithesis of mindfulness, in-the-moment kinda person.  The fluster got me so worked up that I finally decided to cut my lost and moved on. I figured that losing my debit card was bad enough. Did not want to let that incident ruin the rest of my day.

What did I win?  If there was a silver lining in today’s “episode,” I would attribute to my decision to let go.  Instead of crying over the spilled milk or allowing myself be dragged down a negative spiral, I was able to recover the rest of my day.   Which turned out pretty well.

Do you attribute winning or losing to your successes and failures or the decision you make regardless the outcome?

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