Too Close For Comfort?

Big news of the day is James Comey, FBI Director, in lieu of serving his full term till 2023, has been terminated from the job yesterday  by President Trump.

The rationale given by the White House was that Comey handled Clinton email investigation poorly during the 2016 presidential campaign LAST October.  Quite a stretch from the truth.  The real reason of course had to do with the president himself.

I wrote about James Comey and the FBI investigation on the Trump-Russian connection in March.  Since then the investigation has gathered momentum with Federal prosecutor issued a grand jury subpoenas to associates of Michael Flynn, former National Security Advisor, seeking business records.

[Late breaking news: the Senate Intelligence Committee has issued a subpoena today to Michael Flynn himself.]

The ultimate question, borrowing from the Nixon’s Watergate, is “what did the president know, and when did he know it?”  Perhaps Trump is feeling the walls closing in on him and decides to change the course of the investigations, just like what Nixon tried to do during the Watergate investigation.

As I have written before, Trump is a magnet for controversies and his own worst enemy. What is there to fear if he has not done anything wrong?  Either way, we are all bearing witness to a history in the making.

Stay tuned.

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