The Price We Must Pay

It has become blatantly obvious (to me at least) that America elected the wrong person last November into the White House. I don’t know who would be the right choice. But after holding out hope for three and a half months, this is what I concluded:

We got ourselves an incompetent, unprincipled con-man as president.

This is the same man who wrote the “The Art Of The Deal”  but is being played by Putin, et. al.  He has no clue on how to govern, and worse yet, his cronies reinforce it.  Shall we say the emperor has no clothes?  Further, he tweets to attack whomever he does not like.  The list goes on. This kind of the behaviors is unbecoming to the highest office of our land.

I admit that hindsight is 20/20. But I feel like Sisyphus every time seeing reports that validate our fateful mistake.  Sure there are core supporters who feel otherwise & will defend the president to the end, just like those with Nixon.That’s okay, we have a democracy.

And this is the price we must pay.

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