My Directions In Life

Direction in life? Sounds like a big question to answer?  Not for me.

Two years ago, I decided to retire and embark on a journey to discover what my new chapter in life would be.  It was a conscious act.  Unequivocally, that decision afforded me opportunities to explore my intention and options.

While the end of my new chapter is still to be written, here is what I have learned.

Friends and family relatives often compliment on how well I have adjusted to my new role as a retiree.  Frankly, I am still getting used to that title, but I appreciate their feedback. Best I can describe is that I am moving my life in a positive direction.

What “positive” means is that I have eliminated more stressors than fringe benefits in my life.  Stressors like the commute in the city, responsibility associated with my job, and other duties as levied.  The downsides were compounding and becoming a drag on me.

Now unshackled from these stressors, I am more free and productive with my priorities. Can’t emphasize enough the joy of personal ownership of my time.  And yes, I may spend as much time in front of a computer screen as before but my outcome is more gratifying.

Instead of working on someone else’s priorities, I am working on mine.

What’s your direction in life?

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