How To Say Goodbye Gracefully

“The End” maybe to the point but a bit abrupt.  Would not recommend it if graceful exit is the end goal.  Imagine someone sneezed, and you were gone. Couldn’t wait to leave?

Instead, plan ahead, be positive and be brief. If done right, goodbye serves as transition for you and others involved. And not letting things hanging.

So how to do it?

  1. Capture the last impression – too late on making first impression but here is the chance to leave on a positive note. This is how people will remember.
  2. Be gracious – stick to the positives (aka what people want to hear); miss the people, enjoy the place, treasure the experience, etc.
  3. Be brief – no drama.  Stop when done.  Don’t turn an otherwise happy ending into a recital.

Other suggestions?

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