What’s New & Interesting?

Even though routines can provide a degree of familiarity and comfort, the sameness after awhile becomes flat.  Boredom sets in. And motivation wanes.  At least that’s how I perceive the current state of affair in Washington.

Hence, the question what’s new & interesting?

I have been getting bored with all the drama in Washington (such is the risk of being close proximity to the nation’s capital).  Too much hypes and spins.  Reminiscent of the election campaigns last year.  Politicians are robbing people’s attention.  So much so, it is pushing me to the point of fatigue.

So I am taking a sabbatical from the political news (a self-imposed exile if you will).  The spin, the finger pointing, and the innuendos will continue, but I am getting off this merry-go-round.  Plenty of inspiring subjects I rather engage instead of letting the politics dragging me down.

What’s new & interesting with you?

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2 Responses to What’s New & Interesting?

  1. Fatigued! Yes, that’s the word I have been looking for–thanks! I’ve discovered I can only maintain a constant state of outrage for so long. Taking a break as well! Cheers.

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