Heat Wave Or Global Warming?

Current Temperatures


What is interesting about this national temperature map is that Washington DC is warmer than most other parts of the country.  Yes, give me all the “hot-air” jokes now, but I couldn’t help but think maybe this has something to do with the global warming.

And the answer is yes.  According to the Natural Resources Defense  Council, the climate change (i.e. the greenhouse effect) is definitely attributing to the heat waves across the globe. For instance, the forecast high temperature in Zabol, Iran (the most polluted city in the world) is 101 degree Fahrenheit and climbing despite its similar latitude to U.S. East Coast.

Now here is the good news. We can all help to reduce our carbon footprints by conserving energy in a few simple steps as suggested in the NRDC site. And shooting the politicians is NOT necessary nor recommended.

How do you stay cool in the heat?

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