Art vs Science

Art and science are like the two bookends of the humanity scale.  One can study to get a degree in bachelor of arts or bachelor of science.  Which one is more important?

Science is straightforward.  Clear in its goals and approach, the study of science involves observable and repeatable facts. Everything is in back and white.  You can argue about the limitations in sciences, the unknowns, but the argument is evidence based. It is objective.

Art on the other hand is subjective. It is based on human creativity with standards of measure more fluid than the science.  Art flows seamlessly, covering all the nooks and crannies which captures our imaginations, hopes, emotions. It is where we find perfection.

I used to rank science over art.  The former seemed more coveted while the later more mushy, touchy-feely.   “The fact speaks for itself” had an authoritative and definitive appeal. It just sounded smart.

Now older and grayer, I realize that while the sciences have propelled our world forward, it is the arts that continue to feed our souls.  Our yearnings, inspirations, despairs, can not be adequately addressed by automation or algorithm.  But music, poetry, and other fine arts can.

After all the world is not all black and white.  So while preferring science, I bow down to art.

Which one do you favor? Art or Science?

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