What is Fear?

Negative emotions can be described as any feeling which causes us to be miserable and sad.  They are inevitable part of human experiences. But our popular culture tends to view negative emotions as weaknesses and shy away from addressing them.

I on the other hand believe the negative emotions should be examined for the purpose of seeking to understand and possibly embracing them as positive values.  So here is one of them.

What is fear?

Seems what drives fear is PAIN, physical, psychological, or both.  In the “reality of fear” below, it is natural to supplement every situation with the claim at the end, “that is going to hurt!”

But if we actually go through it and realize that such is not the case or at least not as bad bad as we thought, the fear will vanish.  Don’t you remember this is how we learnt to overcome the fear of needle in the doctor’s office or the fear of falling from riding a bicycle.

In other words, face the fear.

Image result for reality of fear

source: lifehack.org

What is your worst fear?

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