How Is Your Lens?

Can you see clearly? By lens, I don’t mean spectacles.  Allow me to explain.

First, let’s try this quiz: “We are a nation of immigrants” – is that good? is that bad? or neither?  The answer depends on your “lens”.  Xenophobia is just another name for racism.  No judgement.  Just an illustration of the point, “how you see shapes what you see.

Moreover, our lens enables and disables us to see at the same time (like fish don’t see the water they are in).  That is until one realizes the lens is the problem – a filter of the reality.  Racism in America is old news.  Why has it been perpetuating? Is it because the lens we are using?

“But we need our lens to see” as some would object.  Yes, that is true.  In fact, the process starts from birth and continues through death.  But  if we want to see the whole picture, we need to understand that our perception is lens dependent and change it as necessary.

So, how is your lens?

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