Week In Review – 28 May 2017

Lots of introspection this week.  In a way it’s part of my detox from the political news and part of the children coming home from end of school.  And a third part due to a recent meditation workshop I attended which I will address in a future post.

So, with the exception of the Manchester bombing, my posts this week all reflected inward on how we see things, how to maintain concentration, how to deal with fear, and how to value family time.

And from these introspection, I realize that difference is good.  It helps to break the old way of thinking, seeing, and doing.  Instead of feeling threaten by different people, things, or places, we should celebrate our differences for synergy, innovations, and creativity.

Last but not the least, Memorial Day. Regardless the reasons why America goes to war and individuals’ positions on them, this is the day that we remember the men and women who gave their lives protecting the people and ideals of this country.  Home of the braves – they are the brave ones.

Have a great week.

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