May Weather In Washington

Washington, D.C. is not known for its weather.  But the month of May is definitely the bright spot here.  For one, the Memorial Weekend signifies the pool openings.  Warmer weather must be close.

Worth a mention is the change of scenery.  New leaves and grasses cover the once bared landscape with tantalizing green. Smell of vibrancy and vitality return.  The lushness is such a feast for the starving eyes.

Outside of my window is a crape myrtle. It seems to have grown full of leaves overnight. Nice shade, privacy screen, and sharp contrast of its winter skeletal self.  Goodbye to the memory of the old man winter.

I open my window to invite the cool morning breeze in.  Its slight damp air caresses my skin and gently wakes up my senses. How refreshing.  Only if I can keep this feeling forever.

How is the weather where you are?


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