The Power To Be

I have been having intermittent problems with the electricity coming into my house. Without any warning I would lose part of the house – no electricity, no light, not even air conditioning.  The part of the house has my internet router also.  Thus no internet either.

Needless to say an undesirable and frustrating situation when it happened.   On first incident, I notified my power company and they came out to check the line feeding power to my house.  The emergency crew said, “your problem is not the line but this” as he pointed to my electrical meter box.


The deterioration of the box (and its interior) is the culprit for  my intermittent power problem.

And he said, you need to hire an electrician to take care of it.  That, little did I know, was the tip of the iceberg.

Even though the fix is straightforward to replace the meter box, the ordeal is playing out much to my chagrin.  Besides losing service at whimsical moments, I am struggling to bring closure to my situation. The job not only involves the electrician, the power company, but also the government.  Because replacing the cable (gray colored  one on the left going into the house) requires a permit and government inspection, among other things.

Luckily, I am able to move the power source for the refrigyerator to a nearby electrical socket that is working. So I can still blog, cook, and enjoy the air conditioning whenever the electricity is uninterrupted.

At this point, I am having my fingers and toes crossed praying to the power to be on getting my meter box replaced before the summer hits.

Any suggestion?

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