Negative emotions, as described in my previous post, are any feeling which causes us to be miserable and sad.  Instead of shunning them, understanding and embracing the negative emotions enriches our life.   So here is one.

What about suffering?

In my little corner of the virtual space, things are going well.  But the world at large is filled with examples of sufferings.   To begin, war brings casualties and destruction, especially to the civilian population.  Any lost such as life, family, or relation are difficult to face.

Then there is terrorism. With the expressed intent to inflicting pains & sufferings, terrorism brutalizes people.  Innocent people, no less. Its brutality and shock value hasten around the world, making them hard to dismiss.

Compared to the war and terrorism, hate crime seems like a horse of different color. But it too infuses suffering albeit toward a specific targeted group.  Victims, young, old, male and female, suffer indiscriminately  similar to the others.

The three examples are constant reminders in our world.  What in common among them is that the human suffering is universal.  No way around it.  We are connected to each other through the air we breathe, the earth we share.  Pretending that things are fine in our own universe and that the suffering is compartmentalized elsewhere are self denial.

Truth is the amount of sufferings around the world is horrendous.  And it weighs on our psychic regardless how much we try to shun it.  Clearly the outcome is beyond our influence.  The question is how do we deal with the suffering?

How do you cope with all the sufferings around us?  

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